The Bitter End: Reality Dance Jam Tour (December 7th 2014)

Hey everyone! This is my first post on my blog and Im super excited! Anyways.... On Sunday, December 7th I went to The Bitter End in New York City. There were so many talented people there like: Jenna Rose, Artie Babcock, Riley Lynch, Ty Alaxander, B-CAPP, Peyton Sanders, Carly Underwood and more! The Jam Tour is all about #nobulliesallowed. There motto is "We Don't Bully Just Dance" I think this is a great thing to be saying because many people get bullied today. The fact that they are informing kids that you should never bully someone is a great idea. Several people including: Tanner Zagarino, Kayla Struck and Ty Alexandar spoke to the crowd about their bullying stories. They really touched my heart with their stories along with most people. Then there was a concert that was put on and the performers knew how to get the crowd turned up! New up coming artists like: Taylor Belle, Marissa Ann and others shared their talent and got a huge applause. In between every few acts they played a game, did a Q&A and one round of "Who Can Do It Better?" It was so much fun, and there were many laughs. Therefore, going to The Jam Tour was such a great experience and I think that everybody should attend the tour when they come to your city. They were so organized and made sure that everyone was having a good time!