The Outfield Premier

The Kings Of Social Media; Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier starred in a new movie "The Outfield" that was released on November 11th, 2015. Although I was not able to make it to the premier I was able to follow everything that was going on on twitter thanks to the @outfieldmovie on twitter! There were so many stars that came out to support their friends in the new film such as Sam Wilkinson, Carter Reynolds, Pierre Balian, Skate Maloley, The Dolan Twins and SO many more!! Everyone was dressed to the ten! One of the stars in the movie Olivia Stuck plays Kelsey was wearing a strapless black crop top with white palazzo pants and a black blazer! Her outfit had to be on of my favorites!! The best-dressed men at the premier had to be Carter Reynolds & Pierre Balian, who were dressed in Black Dope clothing from head to toe. They looked amazing!If you don't know what Black Dope clothing is, then you HAVE have to check it out!! although I was not able to make it, I hope everyone that did attend partied for me and if you have not ordered "The Outfield" yet, then go do it!! Best 10 dollars you will ever spend! Thanks for reading! xoxo




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The Bitter End: Reality Dance Jam Tour (December 7th 2014)

Hey everyone! This is my first post on my blog and Im super excited! Anyways.... On Sunday, December 7th I went to The Bitter End in New York City. There were so many talented people there like: Jenna Rose, Artie Babcock, Riley Lynch, Ty Alaxander, B-CAPP, Peyton Sanders, Carly Underwood and more! The Jam Tour is all about #nobulliesallowed. There motto is "We Don't Bully Just Dance" I think this is a great thing to be saying because many people get bullied today. The fact that they are informing kids that you should never bully someone is a great idea. Several people including: Tanner Zagarino, Kayla Struck and Ty Alexandar spoke to the crowd about their bullying stories. They really touched my heart with their stories along with most people. Then there was a concert that was put on and the performers knew how to get the crowd turned up! New up coming artists like: Taylor Belle, Marissa Ann and others shared their talent and got a huge applause. In between every few acts they played a game, did a Q&A and one round of "Who Can Do It Better?" It was so much fun, and there were many laughs. Therefore, going to The Jam Tour was such a great experience and I think that everybody should attend the tour when they come to your city. They were so organized and made sure that everyone was having a good time!